Kiyonori KIKUTAKE , Architect
H.F.A.I.A., Ph.D


Kiyonori Kikutake , born in 1928 in Kurume, Japan, is one of forefront Japanese architects today. He is well known as one of the original founders of Metabolism, a major Japanese contribution to modern architectural philosophy. Recognized internationally for his "Marine City Project" first proposed in 1958, he continues to present floating system projects. As solution to problems associated with high density urban centers, Kikutake has made proposals of high rises since the early sixties. Today he heads the Hyper Building Research Committee which is made up of representative Japanese building firms and professionals working to design a better habitat for the city. As the head of his firm, Kikutake Architects, he has been active in architectural planning and design for the past 50 years. Kikutake's works range from private homes to new town development, commercial and municipal office buildings to schools, museums, sports facilities and events installations. Aside from his design practice, Kikutake is involved with various governmental, non-governmental and academic organizations.

Professional Associations and Positions

Honorary Fellow, American Institute of Architecture
Academician, International Academy of Architecture
Member, French Academie D'Architecture
Honorary Member, Bulgarian Institute of Architecture
Honorary member of The Japan Institute of Architects
Professor Emeritus, Beijing Polytechnic University
Former President and currently Honorary President,
Japan Federation of Architects & Building Engineers Associations

Former President and current member, Japan Institute of Macro-Engineering Society
Former President and current member, Tokyo Society of Architects & Building Engineers
Honorary Citizen, Kurume city
Executive Producer for General Site Planning, World Expo 2005, Aichi, Japan
Committee Member, Ministry of General Affairss Homeland Committee
President, Hyper Building Research Committee
Guest Professor : University of Hawaii, USA, 1971 / University Aachen, Germany, 1980, University
of Virginia, USA, 1980 /University of Vienna, Austria.
Former Instructor of Architecture at University of Waseda and Tokyo University, Japan.

Shimane Prefecture Grand Prize for Beautiful Scenery (2000)
The 31th Building Constructors Society Prize (1990)
The 21th Mainichi Art Award (Mainichi Newspaper 1979)
UIA (Union International des Architects ) Auguste Perret Award (1978)
Japan Academy of Architecture Prize (1970)
AIA Pan-Pacific Architecture Citation (1964)
Ministry of Education Award of Arts (1964)

Representative Works and Projects
2005 World Expo, Aichi, Japan
2004 Kyushu National Museum, Fukuoka, Japan
1999 Shimane Art Museum, Shimane, Japan
1998 Kitakyushu Multimedia Dome, Fukuoka, Japan
   Nagano Winter Olympic Games, Opening and Closing Ceremony Stadium Installation
   Kodansha Publishing Co., Head Office, Tokyo, Japan
1993 Edo-Tokyo Museum, Tokyo, Japan
1988 Fukuoka City Hall, Fukuoka, Japan
   Producer of Silk Road International EXPO, Nara, Japan
1987 Hotel SEIYO Ginza, Tokyo, Japan
1982 Peace Memorial, Malaysia and Marshall Island
1975 Aquapolis, floating pavilion system for International Ocean Expo '75, Okinawa, Japan
1971 Floating City Prototype, Hawaii, USA
1969 Low Income Housing Project, Peru
1963 Administrative Building of Izumo Shrine, Shimane, Japan
1958 Sky House, Tokyo, Japan

Major Publications
Mega Structure, 1995
IAA and IFYA Kobe '93, 1994
Works by Kiyonori Kikutake, Toward Architecture of the New Century, 1998
Works by Kiyonori Kikutake, The New Japanese Housing, 1992
Works by Kiyonori Kikutake, Prototype Concepts, 1990
Works by Kiyonori Kikutake, Prototype Developments, 1990
Edo Tokyo Museum, 1989
Macro Engineering-How Big and Still Beautiful, 1982
Works and Method, 1978
Marine City, 1973
Metabolism, 1960

Major Lectures
1997 Dome Design Interarch '97, Bulgaria
   Architectural Language Bruno Zevi Conference, Modena, Italy
1996 Rescue Habitat from Crisis U.I.A. , U.N. Conference, Istanbul
1996 The Future of Office Environment World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland
1995 21st Century, The Century of Ocean International Ocean Cities Conference, Monaco
1992 Ecopolis UNEP Forum, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
1991 Macro Architecture Baucon, Asia '91, Singapore
1990 Japanese Lifestyle Euro Shop, Germany
1989 Artificial Environment IFYA, Bulgaria
1987 3rd Generation Architecture Biennale Forum, Argentina
1982 Metabolism Univ. of Illinois, Cremson, Urbine, Harvard, USA
1971 Floating Systems International Shell Structure Academy, USA
1969 Education of Architects UNESCO Conference, Switzerland

Jury Participation
National Assembly House and New BaDinh Conference Hall,Vietnam
Latin America Triennale Architecture Competition, Buenos Aires, Argentina
International Academy of Architecture Biennale Competition, Sophia, Bulgaria
Taiwan City Hall Competition, Taiwan
Bicentennial Celebrations Competition, Paris, France
Tokyo Metropolitan Government City Hall Competition, Japan
Bunkyo Civic Hall Competition, Japan
Sumida Ward Cultural Center Competition, Japan
Izumo City Cultural Center Competition, Japan
Policy Studies University Competition, Japan
Nikkei New Office Design Prize Selection Committee Chairman, Japan




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